The Wishlist

The Canton of Silverhart needs many items for future events. If you would like to donate, we would be most appreciative. Since we are a not-for-profit organization, your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Cash donations are always welcome as well. Please contact our Exchequer for a receipt.


  • 2 folding tables, 6' would be preferable
  • storage tubs
  • heavy-duty sunshade with vertical poles
  • interlocking aluminum tent poles for pennants
  • 2, 5 gal. water jugs
  • lightweight clothing racks for Gold Key
  • a chess set for the kid's activity box
  • ice chests in good condition
  • loaner armor


  • 1 box of paper clips
  • 1 box of envelopes
  • 1 box of post-its
  • 1 box of pens
  • 1 box of binder clips
  • several clipboards